About measures against infection with new coronavirus in Japanese dental clinics


Many dental clinics take measures against infection with the new coronavirus so that patients can receive dental treatment with peace of mind.

Here is an example.


Basic measures for the new coronavirus

“Constant ventilation” in the hospital

At the dentist’s office, the room is constantly ventilated (not regularly, but always). We have prepared an environment that fully ventilates almost all chairs.

“Antibacterial tape” with virus sterilization effect

Antibacterial tape is attached to doorknobs and handles, and sterilization is performed with a disinfectant solution. After using all chairs and roentgen equipment, each patient is sprayed and disinfected with strong hypochlorous acid water and 80% ethanol!

Operation of “medical air purifier”

In addition, as in-hospital facilities that Japanese dental clinics can be proud of, the interior space is equipped with an intake system from the outside air and an exhaust system from the room. Intake and exhaust ports are provided on the ceiling surface in consideration of indoor air circulation. The standards for large public facilities in Japan are strict.

“Thorough sterilization” of treatment instruments

We have established the world’s highest level of hygiene environment (European standard EN13060 class B sterilizer) and exchange instruments for each patient.

“Aerosol scattering prevention” measures

We use “cannula tip” and “extraoral vacuum” in the oral cavity to prevent aerosol scattering. Listerine has been shown to be effective in suppressing coronavirus activity. We always ask all patients to wash their mouths before treatment.
For tooth cutting, 12 “5x speed contras” that can be cut without blowing wind are equipped, and when using an ultrasonic device to remove tartar, use extraoral vacuum to prevent aerosol scattering. doing.


We wear goggles, masks, face shields, and gloves to ensure good hygiene, staff health, and safety. You will not be able to see your facial expressions, but thank you for your understanding.

Staff “frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer”

We thoroughly wash hands and disinfect hands, which are essential for corona measures.

Request to the patient. Is there any suspicion of infection? “Request to fill out the questionnaire”

We ask all the patients who come to our hospital to fill out a questionnaire to see if there is any suspicion of infection.

Thank you for your cooperation in “body temperature measurement”.

Patients cooperate with temperature measurement at the reception. Those with a temperature of 37.5 ° C or higher have postponed treatment.

We have you cooperate with “hand sanitizer”.

We ask all patients to disinfect their hands with 80% ethanol when they enter the clinic!

If you have the following symptoms
Please contact the “Returnee / Contact Counseling Center”.

①Cold symptoms and fever above 37.5 ° C have continued for 4 days or more (including when you have to continue taking antipyretics)

②If you have strong fatigue (malaise) or dyspnea (dyspnea) * If you are elderly or have an underlying illness, the above condition lasts for about 2 days.

“Returnee / Contact Counseling Centers” are set up in all prefectures. You can see the details from the following URL.

Returnee / Contact Consultation Center QR Code
Click here for general inquiries

For other general inquiries, such as when you are worried about your symptoms, please contact the following.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare consultation desk

TEL: 0120-565653 (toll free number)
Reception hours 9:00 to 21:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also held)
Those who have difficulty in telephone consultation, including those with hearing disabilities
FAX: 03-3595-2756