Basic knowledge of implants-What is platform switching?-


Bone is constantly broken down into calcium. This phenomenon is called bone resorption. When the teeth are lost and the toothpaste is not stimulated, the bone is decomposed faster than the new bone is created, and the toothpaste gradually decreases. Eventually the implant is exposed. .. When you place a platform switching implant, Prevents bone resorption.


What is platform switching?

Implants are divided into three parts: the implant body that is placed in the toothpaste, the abutment, and the implant superstructure. Platform switching is an implant system with a step between the implant body and the abutment. By the way, it seems that it was discovered that the size of the abutment was wrong and a step was created between the implant body and the abutment. It seems that the implant that happened to be installed in the wrong size did not cause bone resorption, and the toothpaste remained clean.

Clinical advantage of platform switching

  1. Small upset is unlikely to occur
  2. Small leakage is unlikely to occur
  3. Because there is a conical slope, the occlusal force is dispersed.
  4. The abutment is hard to loosen and the connection strength is high.
  5. An ideal emergency profile can be obtained.
  6. Gingival tissue gets in between the implant and the abutment, and resorption of bone around the implant can be avoided.

Regarding platform switching, it can be said that there is insufficient evidence because it is difficult to find a paper, but it is also a big advantage that bone resorption is hard to occur and the titanium surface is hard to be exposed.

Summary: Platform switching

A phenomenon that happened to be discovered due to an abutment selection error, most implant manufacturers now use platform switching for their implants. Universities and implant manufacturers are constantly conducting research, so better implant systems will be developed!volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border